And so it starts…

I’m continuously sadden by the hypocrisy that I see in the education field.  Certain areas do not have state or national assessments so they are not always given the full attention they should be given.  It’s sad that politics sometimes out way the needs and wants of the students.


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I'm a high school science teacher who has a love of all things science, science fiction, fantasy, Disney and nerdy. View all posts by DaynaJD

2 responses to “And so it starts…

  • saradobiebauer

    I wrote about the book “The Language Police” on my blog. (I think I remember you saw the entry.) Reading that book was SHOCKING. Horrifying, in fact. You’re so right: politics ruin education. If you haven’t read “Language Police,” you should. Then again, it’ll probably just tick you off …

  • DaynaJD

    It would definitely tick me off. And make me sad, Actually, I probably shouldn’t rad it until I’m ready to leave education because it might make me want to quit. It’s a corrupt system.

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