Of paths not traveled

I recently went to a friend’s birthday party.  She’s a friend from when I used to be a zookeeper (I haven’t been a zookeeper for more than 2 years now).  I don’t talk to her often, but I still enjoy hanging out when I can.  At this party were other people that I used to hang out with quite a bit when we worked together.  And then I quit.  And now I hardly see them at all.

It also got me thinking about how my life would be different had a stayed at that job.  I might have never met one of my best friends, whom I met in grad school.  I might have never met my boyfriend.  I might never have gone to some of the places I’ve been or experienced the things I have experienced since quitting that job.  On the other hand, maybe I missed out on other opportunities.  Maybe I would have made different friends, found a different boyfriend, gone to different places.  And now I’ll never know.

Of course, I can’t change any of that now.  And I’m completely okay with that.  It was the best decision I could have made at the time and I don’t for a moment regret the choice I made.

I do miss spending time with my old friends.  Our different lives and different schedules mean that there isn’t much time to get together.  It was much easier when I saw them every day.  But that is really the only thing about that job that I miss.  I knew at the birthday party that I was missing out on spending time with them.  I wasn’t as close to them as I used to be.  I wasn’t up on current events in their lives, I wasn’t privy to the inside jokes.

But that path is behind me, the door closed.  I continue on my current path, happy with a decision I made 2 and a half years ago when I was feeling down and out.  I’m happy with the path I did take.  I’m happy with my new career even though it wasn’t the career I had envisioned for myself when I was 5 or 6 and had decided that I would be a zookeeper.  I never thought I would be a teacher, but it’s quite possibly the best decision I could have made for myself.

I hope my friends understand.


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2 responses to “Of paths not traveled

  • Lauren

    I love this. It’s interesting to think about where our choices have taken us, and how they could have been different. I’m glad you made the choice you did – I got an awesome best friend out of it (who also introduced me to my boyfriend). I often wonder if I’ve made the right career decision, but you know what – I like where it’s taken me. Thanks for this post! 😀

  • saradobiebauer

    Call it fate. Call it God. You’re where you are for a reason. And the people you’ve met along the way are lucky to have crossed your path 🙂

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