I’m getting to that point in the semester where I just don’t care anymore.  It happens every semester.  The kids are stressed because finals are around the corner and they still have a C- in the class.  The teachers are stressed because finals are just around the corner and their evaluation depends on the kids passing.  But I’m at the point where I just stop caring.

It’s not that I don’t care about my job.  I really do.  I love my job.  I look forward to going to work.  Everyday.  It’s just that it’s stressful right now and I stop caring about the students’ problems.  Here’s an example:

Student: Ms. D, I have a D-.  I can’t have a D-.  My parents will kill me.  Can I have some extra credit to bring my grade up?

Me: …………………….No.

Me(internally): You’ve had a D- all effing semester!  Why are just now coming to me to see what you have do about your grade?!  No you can’t have any extra credit!  You didn’t even do the regular credit!

Student: How can I bring my grade up?

Me: You can turn in all your missing assignments and retake one of the tests.  Make sure you study for the final.

Me(internally): You can’t.  Do better next time.

And that’s pretty much how it goes.  Student’s start panicking because they realize they are either about to fail the class or that their grade is super low and they’ll get in trouble at home.  And they want me to magically fix it.  But I’m kind of at the point where I just don’t care anymore.  I’m going to help the kids who have been working their butts off all semester to maintain their C.  I’m not going to help the kid who I basically nagged all semester to turn in their assignments and they never did.  Those students need to learn that they can’t do a crappy job all semester and then suddenly expect it to magically turn around with one extra credit assignment.  That’s not how life works.  If you do a crappy job at work for months on end, suddenly asking for extra work the week before your evaluation isn’t going to keep you from getting fired.  But that’s what students expect in classrooms.

And with three weeks left in the semester, there’s really nothing I or they can do to fix it.  Hope they learn their lesson.  Although, probably not..

Looking forward to winter break.


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