I watched Big Hero 6 this weekend and it was so good!  Disney just keeps hitting them out of the park.  Whatever formula they are using, it’s working.  We are back in the golden age of animation and Disney is winning.  Mainly because of the feels.  Between Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen and now Big Hero 6, Disney has managed to make people really feel something for their characters.  In Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph is someone people can relate to because he’s just trying to do his job and have people recognize that he’s doing it well.  Frozen gets away from the typical princess falling in love story to make it about family and supporting each other.

Now Big Hero 6 does something similar.  It takes grief and healing and loss and weaves a beautiful story that is both funny and touching.  Baymax, the robot character, is just as lovable as other Disney robot characters such as Walle and Eve.  And Hiro, the teen genius hero of the film, is a nice change from princesses and thieves as a main character.  Plus, he is into science and engineering which is fun.

Big Hero 6 = so much win!


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