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YES, I will take students to Disneyland

Students learning about sound and how Imagineers use sound design in rides

YES – youth education series. It’s a series of programs offered by Disneyland and Disneyworld for students. They teach students leadership, encourage working together, and – my favorite – teach students how to use science to make rides. So I took 29 juniors and seniors to Disneyland to learn about Imagineers and science.  

Some people might think I’m a little nuts traveling 5 hours in order to take students to an amusement park, but I really enjoy it. Some of these students have never been out of state before, let alone to Disneyland and I always love watching people experience the park for the first time. 

The YES programs at Disneyland offer students a chance to learn how science can actually be used in everyday life.  It’s a great opportunity and I hope to continue doing it for many years to come. 

Students modeling magnetics in order to discover how magnetics inrides

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