Mad Max: Hidden Agenda

I wasn’t very interested I seeing Mad Max: Fury Road. I never watched the originals with Mel Gibbson. I never really cared about the world of the story line. That was l, until I read this. Basically, this blog posted about how the new Mad Max movie was part of the feminist movement and had all this propaganda about women’s rights. Their thoughts was that all men and “real women” (their line not mine) should boycott the movie. So of course I had to go see it. 

It was actually a good movie. Like, I actually really enjoyed watching it. First off, Charlize Theron was great. She really carries the movie. Tom Hardy was good as Max, but Theron was the real star. 

Spoilers ahead!!

The movie centers around Theron’s character, a driver for a gang who’s main purpose seems to be to rule their small plot of land with an iron fist. It’s a world with limited water and limited fuel and Immortal Joe wants to keep his property to himself. He deems everything his property: the water, the fuel, the food. Oh, and his harem of breeders, aka young women who he bangs to produce an army of warrior boys. 

Enter the feminist agenda! Turns out that these young women don’ liike being used and abused. They want to go to “the green place” where Theron’s character grew up. It’s an isolated place where trees still grow and is ruled by a matriarchy. They beg Theron to take them and she does. Along the way, they run into Max and fight the bad guys and shit blows up. A lot of shit. I’m pretty sure something blows up everybody 5 minutes or so. 

So Theron and Max and the women are on the run from Joe and his warriors. Finally, they meet up with the old mothers only to find out that “the green place” was destroyed. The only logical solution is to go back to the community where Joe was holed up (because his whole army is out looking for them) and take it over. Decided, they go back, more shit explodes, Theron almost dies, and they kill Immortal Joe. Everyone lives happily ever after. Oh, except the pregnet girl who Joe had cut open so he could save her baby while she was dying. That’s the bad guy in this movie: a dick who values the life of an infant baby boy more than the mother who birthed him. 

So you can see that this movie is dripping with anti-male sentiments (enter sarcasm here). These women want to leave an oppsive tyrant who basically rapes them so he can have more sons. Shame on those women (more saracasm folks). And heaven forbid that Theron held her own in a fight against Max. What is this world coming to?

I really enjoyed Mad Max not because of the supposed feminist twist, but because it was actually a good movie with decent character motivation, great fight scenes, and a pretty believable plot. Can we please just enjoy a movie based on those and not look for hidden agendas?


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