School’s out for summer

The song rang through the office yesterday as students joyously filed out of buildings toward their buses. School is out! We have survived another year. Next year, they will come as sophomores of juniors or seniors and be all the wiser for it. Except “next year” is only two months away! Which got me thinking about the weird crazy world and schedules of schooling.

I don’t live on a typical schedule that is divided in finical quarters and broken up by projects and report deadlines.  I live on semesters and fall breaks and winter breaks and spring breaks.  I live on a schedule of midterms and finals and years ending at the end of May and starting in the beginning of August.  Who cares about New Year’s Eve?  That just means that second semester starts on Monday.  What beginning of a new year?  I’m halfway through my year already!

Being a teacher means thinking about years in a completely different way than most people my age view them.  I am truly at the end of my year right now.  The school year 14-15 is over.  On August 5th, the school year 15-16 will start and my new “year” will start.  And it will be completely different from last school year.  Sure, some of the daily routines and rituals will stay the same, but I will have a new group of students, try new ways to teach them, and have new technology as my disposal.  There are not too many other jobs that I know of that get to basically start fresh at the beginning of each year.  Most people work with the same team year in and year out and work on the same on-going projects year in and year out.  Not that the stability of knowing exactly what to except when you get into the office is a bad thing!  I get to come into school in August with only a vague idea of the personalities that will be waiting for me.

Being a student is very similar, I think.  Students change teachers every semester at my school.  Basically, every 4 months, they get a new set of “bosses” with new rules and policies and procedures.  I know people now who would flipped if a new boss came in every 4 months, but they seemed to deal with it just fine when they were in school.  It just fascinates me how the culture of school is so different from the culture of business and work and career.  Unless of course you’re a teacher.

But school’s out for summer.  Teachers and students get a wonderful 2 month break before we have to head back for the new school year.  Congrats to students who passed all their finals!  Congrats to seniors graduating this week!  Enjoy your break before heading off to college or the military or careers.  And congrats to teachers.  We finished another amazing year!

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