Writer’s Block

I havent written anything in months. I’m not sure why but I’m in a writing slump. I’ve tried. I’ve started several short stories but can barely get past the first paragraph. I’ve started a handful of blog posts but it’s the same. I get the hint of ideas as I fall asleep but it’s gone by the time I wake. Nothing has helped.

I wonder if it’s some type of self-imposed writer’s block.  I’m not a very confident writer to begin with. Couple that with the fact that I haven’t been to my writer group meeting in months leads me feeling uninspired, uninterested, and kind of boring. I worry that people aren’t going to like my work. I worry that people will like my work and except bigger and better things. Mostly, I worry that people just don’t care and I’m posting my works all for nothing.

This is the first thing I’ve written in months and I’m honestly not even sure why I’m posting it. I’m certainly not looking for pity or praise or validation. At least I hope I’m not. Mostly, I just need to put words to paper (even virtual paper will do) in order to maybe break this dam on creativity. Hopefully it works. I actually miss writing. It would be nice to dive back into some alternate world again and tell the story of the hero.   Heck, it’s nice just  to write at all, even if I’m just complaining about not being able to write.


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I'm a high school science teacher who has a love of all things science, science fiction, fantasy, Disney and nerdy. View all posts by DaynaJD

One response to “Writer’s Block

  • saradobiebauer

    This situation feels seasonal. Tiff and I have been having the same problem. I think we just get slumped, and we really do start to wonder: “DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT ANYTHING I HAVE TO SAY?” Well. I care what you have to say. Don’t force it; the writing will return. It always does … whether we want it to or not, sort of like a spider in the closet 🙂

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