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Just the Right Amount of Excitement

I recently went to a movie theater and watched Cars 3, which was excellent but not the point of this story.  At the theater, I saw a poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and just about lost my mind.  I was so excited.  I took a picture of the movie poster.  I walked out of the theater giddy.  I was practically bouncing.

Maybe I was too excited.

I’ve had this happen to me before.  There is a button at the end of the new King Kong movie (not the Peter Jackson one but the new new one) that showed some of the other giant monster legends, i.e. Godzilla, Mothra, the cray Hydra looking one, and I literally squeed like a teen-age girl at a One Direction concert.  The person I was with casually (and in no way disrespectfully) commented that I was maybe a bit too excited about the new brand of giant monster movies coming out.  This got me thinking: what is “too excited”?

I have many fandoms: Disney, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, and The Dresden Files to name a few.  I get excited when I see that something new is coming out or that something is being redone in an interesting way. (BTW, I don’t care what you think, that Dresden Files TV show was awesome!  Damn SciFi channel for canceling it!).  Sometimes I get really excited about things.  But I’m not sure that I’ve ever been “too excited” about my fandoms.  I’ve been exactly as excited as I want to be.  My level of excitement is proportional to my interest in the thing.  I’m not really sure when this “you’re too excited” thing started.  Do people say that to sports fans?  “You’re too excited about the Patriots winning?”  Or is it just this thing that is reserved for “geeks” and our fandoms.

I’m not going to worry about being too excited for the new Star Wars movie, or the new Star Wars land in Disneyland.  Or any of the upcoming events in my life.  I’ve got the right kind of excitement going on.


I’ve been watching season one of Supergirl on Netflix recently.  I have to admit that I love the DC TV shows while not really enjoying the movies.  I think Arrow, while sometimes problematic, is an enjoyable show about this man who is trying to be different. (Side not, Felicity can leave.  I really dislike her after the end of season four).  The Flash is amazingly charming and fun while still having that “dark side” of Barry Allen because of his background.  But Supergirl, that is just on a different level.

So, full disclaimer, I am a season behind on all of the CW shows because I watch them on Netflix.  This is because, besides being a full time teacher, I am also a graduate student and don’t have time for live TV.  So, all of the spoilers, and there will be some, will be for season one of Supergirl.  You have been warned.

I wasn’t very impressed with Supergirl at first.  Kara seemed super bubbly and all smiles and kittens and rainbows.  Her sister, Alex, seemed all angsty and frowns and rainclouds.  And Henshaw seemed to be all bully and hard-ass.  I expected Winn to be doe-eyed for Supergirl and Jimmy, excuse me, James Olsen to be Dashing Love Interest man.  And Cat Grant, don’t  get me started on Cat Grant.  She was the tyrant boss who was going to make Kara’s life a living hell.

But the show did something to surprise me.  It took these characters and actually didn’t turn them into pigeon-holed stereotypes of themselves.  It actually made them human and made me care about them, damn it.  And it made me see how the movie version Superman just couldn’t live up to his exceptations.

I grew up watching “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”.  While there may be some miss remembered nostalgia involved, I remember loving this show.  Clark Kent was so much better than any other person, not because he had to be but because he wanted to be.  See, the thing about Superman, and Supergirl, is that they are so much stronger than any person on Earth.  They could so easily take over because who among us could stop them.  But they don’t.  They chose not to.  They chose to take the harder path and help people.  Supergirl embraces that choose.

I didn’t realize this until episode 16 of season.  Here’s the spoilers if you’ve never seen it.  Kara gets infected by red kryptonite.  This basically took all of the good out of Supergirl, took all of her inhibitors out, and turned Supergirl into a real asshole of a person.  She said and did whatever she was feeling instead of doing what she knew was right.  This, of course, caused some issued with her sister, with James, with Cat, and with Henshaw.  But jackass Supergirl wasn’t the part of the episode that made me see what Supergirl was all about.  It was the last 10 minutes of the show, when Alex removes the effects of red kryptonite and Supergirl realizes all that she did.  There were so many feels in that moment.  Supergirl breaks down because she is so sorry.  She can’t articulate how sorry she is for her actions.  She can remember all of it, and she knows that the worst part of her bubbled to the surface, but the remorse she shows is so real and genuine.  Even beyond the remorse, she realizes how much she fucked up and is willing to do whatever it takes to make things right with her friends and her city.

That is the thing that is missed in the new Superman movies.  Sure, Superman was sorry he had to kill Zod, but there is no remorse for his other actions.  There is zero talk about how he utterly destroyed Metropolis.  There is zero remorse for not being able to save people.  There is no comment on his commitment to be so much more than human.  Supergirl did that in episode 16 of season one.

Some of the characters were turning for me.  Cat Grant has turned into one of the most interesting and believable characters on the show (yes, I’ve seen IMDB and am very sad about it).  Henshaw’s story took an amazing turn for the unexpected.  Even Alex is a multifaceted character with issues and love her for adopted sister.  But showing the remorse and the anguish that Supergirl experiences after her realization that she was a super asshat was what really made this feel like a Super TV show.

A funny thing happened at the Mimi’s Cafe

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to have dinner at Mimi’s Cafe, a New Orleans themed diner, near his house.  The hostess sat us in a booth off in the corner where we could chat without worries.  On the way to the booth, it happened.

Let me paint the scene for you a little.  I was wearing my Captain America shirt.  It’s blue with the Captain’s shield right in the center.  I’m sure you’ve seen it before.  I think I got it at some name brand store when the first Captain America movie came out.  We’re walking to our seats when an older (late 50’s maybe) man stands up, ready to leave.  He takes a look at my shirt.

Him:”Wearing your boyfriend’s shirt?”

Me: :/ “…No”

Him: “Haha” *shrug*

Shrug.  As if to say, “Oh, well, you understand, little lady.  See, that’s a comic shirt you’re wearing.  I’m sure you’re not aware of that and it was only natural for me to assume that it was your boyfriend’s.  But don’t be offended.  After all, you’re a girl.  It was an honest mistake.”

My reaction when we finally sat at our table: “What the f@#$?  Seriously, dude.  I know who the f@#$ Captain America is.  I actually knew who he was before the movie came out as well.  F@#$ you, dude!”  My boyfriend had to calm me down.

But that seems to be a trend in society today.  Girls, for some odd and strange reason, can’t be geeks.  If we like video games, it’s because our boyfriends or brothers got us into them.  If we like comics, we’re not real comic fans because we don’t read obscure titles from indy authors.  If we like anything within the geek culture, it’s not good enough.  Girls are posers and fakes.  Unless we prove it.

As if being a girl in this society isn’t hard enough.  Now I have to prove to you that I’m a geek.

It’s as if we’ve stumbled into some secret boy society and they aren’t comfortable with girls in their club yet.  So they say things and do things so that girls will get out of their club.  How’s that working for you, boys?  I would imagine not so well.

Because girl geeks are true geeks.  We’re passionate about the same stuff you’re passionate about.  We’re knowledgable in the lore that we care about.  And we’re part of the club.  We’re not going anywhere.  If anything, our numbers are growing as more girls become comfortable with their geekdom.  As girls grow into women and those women have girls of their own, our ranks swell.  We proudly say:

“I loved Firefly before Serenity came out!”

“I have beaten ever Legend of Zelda game that has come out (in the US)!”

“I’m a level 55 Gunslinger and I kick Sith ass!”

“I highlighted Harry Potter in order to map out the plot!”

“I’ve seen every episode of Star Trek: TNG!”

“I went to SDCC!”

“I read comics and manga and sci fi and fantasy!”

“I watch Arrow!”

“I knew who the f@#$ Captain America was before the movie!”

So all I really wanted to say, is gentlemen, please stop assuming that the t-shirt is our boyfriend’s.  We’re geeks too.  And we’re super proud of it!

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