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Election Time

Yep, It’s that time of year again.  The time when American’s come together and fling mud at people who don’t agree with them.  That time when politicians thrown promises around like dollars in a strip club.  That time when there is a cacophony of rhetoric and he said/she said blame splashed across the interwebs.  The republicans are ruining America.  The democrats are destroying our way of life.  Obama will kill us all.  Obama is the savior.

Blah, blah, blah.

I’m so sick of it all.  I’m sick of every politician blaming every other politician for the state of things.  I’m sick of name calling and finger pointing done by grown adults who are supposed to be leading this country.  I’m sick of the republican and democrats alike fighting over meaningless “party line” differences.

I did something different this year in regards to my voting habits: I researched the candidates.  *shock and disbelief*  Yes, I sat down in front of my computer with the votes guide book open and I looked up candidates for governor, US rep, state reps, corporate commissioner, state treasurer, and attorney general.  I read what they had to say on education, health, energy, the economy and I made up my own mind about who I wanted to vote for.  I didn’t vote for someone just because they were in a political party, but because they shared similar values to mine.

I urge everyone else to do the same.  Political parties and their “party line” agendas are destroying this country.  It does us no good as a nation to hold steadfast to ideals without any room for negotiation, exploration of new ideas, or compromise.  It just pits two sides against each other in a medieval style battle: each side facing each other across an open field, swords and shields raised, ready to beat the crap out of each other for the town down the road.  But who is harmed the most in that situation: the town down the road.  The American people are being hurt the most by our political parties staring each other down across the aisle.

Instead of voting for someone just because they belong to a political party, do a little research into that person.  It took me all of 45 minutes this morning to finish my primarily voting ballot.  Maybe for some, that’s too long.  But I think we owe it to ourselves to dig a little deeper and look into the people will be make decisions that ultimately shape our country and our lives.  When you think of it that way, maybe 45 minutes doesn’t sound like too long at all.

No, you can’t pet her


Ginger the dog

Two years ago, I got a dog.  Her name is Ginger.  That’s her to the left, laying down at the dog park after we ran around for 20 minutes.  She’s a pretty good dog.  She sleeps on the floor next to my bed.  She lays on her blankets in the living room while I’m watching T.V.  She lays on her blanket in the office while I’m playing on the computer.  She jumps up and down when I come home.  And, generally, she does dog-like things.

She also has a problem with people running up to her.  She doesn’t bite.  She doesn’t even really growl, but she does cower a little bit and her hackles will raise.  She was probably abused at some point in her early life.  She’s not a huge fan of new people to the point where she cowered and whined at a friend of mine whom she’s only seen maybe once or twice.

Most afternoons, Ginger and I go for a walk around my neighborhood.  During our walks, I usually wear headphones so that I can listen to one of the many podcasts that I enjoy.  I usually walk at a brisk pace (exercise for both me and the pup), my head watching my feet, watching my dog, and watching where we are going.  In general, I ignore people.

Recently (for the past few nights anyway) other families have been out enjoying the lovely “fall” air.  And kids have run up to my dog, begging to pet her.  At least, I think that’s why they are doing.  As previously stated, I have headphones in.

Yesterday, two teens asked something, to which I didn’t respond (headphones).  When I didn’t react, they proceeded to reach out and try to pat Ginger on the head.  Ginger, of course, cowered.  At which point, I had to take my headphones out and tell them that, no, they can’t pet my dog.

Similar thing happened tonight.  I saw a family in front of me, walking toward us with their dog.  So I crossed the street.  Let me repeat that – I purposefully crossed the street.  Away from the approaching family.  So, of course, the dad rides his bike over and shouts at me as I’m walking away with my headphones in.  When I don’t respond, the two girls run in front of me, effectively blocking my path.

What’s my point?  I understand I own a cute dog.  She looks fluffy and friendly and, honestly, she probably won’t mind being pet by a little kid.  But I’m walking at a brisk pace, I have headphones in, and I didn’t respond to your questions.  Maybe you should tell your kids to continue your walk in peace and not run up to an unknown dog and stick your hand in her face.

Am I wrong in this?  Should I stop my stroll to let every kid pat Ginger on the head?  Should I interrupt my podcast enjoyment by removing my head phones to first listen to their request and then deny them?  Or am I completely in my right to just ignore them and continue on my walk without stopping?


I’ve never really been prone to panic attacks.  I’ve heard other people describe them, I’ve seen their effects, but rarely have I experienced them.  That is until a few years ago.

See, I got hit by a drunk driver, which broke my wrist.  I had to have emergency wrist surgery, where the doctors screwed a plate into the carpal bones as well as reset the ulna and radius.  I woke up in extreme pain, blinding white pain.  I have yet to experience anything else as painful in my adult life.

Since that day, I’ve had a few panic attacks.  They usually, but not always, take place in a car (which is understandable) and thankfully I haven’t had one while I was driving (probably due to a control issue).

Panic attacks are awful.  They start in my chest.  I can feel my heart rate speed up.  Then come the jitters, as if I’ve had too much caffeine that day.  My entire body is alight, waiting for some signal to untangle.  It’s like being in fight or flight mode for several minutes, somethings hours, but never receiving that final cue as to which route you should take.

The worst part is the accompanying insomnia.  Because every nerve seems to be standing at attention, waiting for that final sign, it’s almost impossible to sleep.  Laying down violates the whole flight or fight process.  Laying down and relaxing is right out.

So I get a few restless hours of sleep then go back to trying to calm my restless body.  Tea helps, deep breathes, walking the dog.  And life continues.

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