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Here we go again

School has started!  Tables are in groups, white board markers are ready, seating charts are made, and syllabus have been read.  We are officially back to school.  Happy end of summer, fellow teachers.

Every year, I want to tell my new students so much.  I want to tell them that I am there for them, truly.  I want them to succeed and I want them to understand and I want them to try their very best.  I also want them to fail and I want them to struggle and I want them to say that they don’t get it.  I want my students to experience what it is like to have a super easy time with something.  I want them to experience what it is like to have to struggle like hell to get something.  I want my students to experience life in all the nitty-gritty (but not too nitty-gritty because they are just 16 after all) that I can offer.

This may sound weird, but I tell all of my students that they will fail at some point in my class.  I don’t mean that they will get an F.  I mean that they will not do something as well as they thought they had.  They will have to give up on something they didn’t want to.  They will not meet their expectations.  I tell them that because I want them to know that failure is not the end.  Yeah, I know that quiz was hard and you got a C on it when you wanted a B.  What are you going to do about it?  Yeah, I know you didn’t understand the instructions and got a B instead of an A.  What are you going to do next time?  Because I think that when someone fails is when they really start to realize what they are made of.

I also let my students know that it’s okay to be wrong about something.  I’m wrong somethings.  I mess up and do things incorrectly.  And, you know what, that’s ok.  I’ve made it this far and to crashed and burned out (mostly).  I think we don’t let students fail enough.  I think we don’t let students try to pick themselves up without help.  I think we put the safety net too high.  Oh, there is a safety net, to be sure, but maybe we can let them try to figure out how to fall correctly before showing them that the safety net is there (maybe that metaphor got away from me a little, but you know what I mean).

So students, I really do adore all of you.  Yes, all of you.  But I am going to be harsh and hard and enforce things that you don’t like.  I am going to push you and push you because I know you can do better.  And I am going to help you out to the best of my ability every time.

Welcome to Ms. Doskocil’s class of 2017-2018.


3 down, 177 to go

The first week of school is over and done with.  Pre-tests are scored (mostly), seating charts are made (and griped about), lab safety has been taught (I hope!).  The first week is always rough.  It’s full of learning 150 new names, figuring out 150 new personalities, and letting 150 new kids know that you’re the boss (don’t mess with me or I’ll hold you after class!).  It’s teaching rules and procedures and routines that these kids are going to have to follow (and you’re going to have to enforce) for the rest of the semester.

I’m not a huge fan of the beginning of the year.  It’s the most difficult time of the year for me because these don’t really know me.  Sure, maybe their brother or sister or cousin or bff had me last year, but each group of kids is different and needs to be interacted with in a different way.  I can’t joke with them like I want to yet.  They don’t get my humor yet.  They don’t know that I hate it when they talk when I’m talking and that I will rip heads off for it.  So I have to rip a few heads off the first few days of class. (Side note, I have to do it again after the first few weeks of class because these crafty kids just keep testing you!)

I’m also really bad at names.  I have to practice in my spare time because I’m horrible at pronouncing people’s names.  And some of these kids have names that are really difficult for me to pronounce!  I am fully against letting women who have been pumped full of drugs name their children.  “I shall call her Ashley.  Only I’m going to spell it Aetilie.  That won’t completely piss off my kid when they get into school.”  (Not a real name, but I’ve seen stuff like it).

But now it’s the weekend again.  I have sleep in, hang out, and lesson plan so that I can get back to kiddos and rules and lectures and activities and labs on Monday.

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