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This was inspired by two things: seeing some fanfic that one of my friends wrote and playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.  This contains some spoilers for the Sith Warrior storyline in SWTOR, so be warned if you ever plan on playing that game. And thanks, Rasheda Poe for sharing some of your stories.  It has made me want to write again.


Lord Raerkex narrowed her blood red eyes.  She knew there was someone on her crew who was plotting against her.  The Voss had told her as much.  She suspected Vette or maybe her apprentice at first.  But the Twi’lik was too weak to go against the Sith lord and Jaesa was enjoying her new-found freedom from the Jedi order too much to be plotting against her master.  The Talz and Lieutenant Pierce were new to her crew, so they were likely suspects.  It wasn’t until Quinn fed her the lie of the Imperial blockade surrounding Corellia that she even suspected the loyal captain.  She’d been right to suspect him.

“I’m sorry, My Lord,” he insisted, his clipped Imperial accent almost making him sound genuine.  “This was a very difficult thing for me to do, but Darth Baras is my true master.”

“You dare to side with him.”  Lord Raerkex did not even raise her voice as she stared at her most trusted companion.  “I am the Emperor’s Wrath.  You side with Darth Baras knowing I following the Emperor’s will.”

“I’m afraid the Emperor is nothing more than a absent landlord.”  He glanced behind him as the empty hanger’s cargo door swung open, revealing two battle droids.  “Ah, yes.  I have been watching you, My Lord, and I know your strengths and your weaknesses.  These battle droids have been programmed to eliminate you.”  His voice, ever professional, betrayed no emotion as the battle droids, two N4-SW-Runners if she wasn’t mistaken, came to stand next to him.  Lord Raerkex studied them.  They were tall droids, possibly wookie height.  Their three legs making them fast but hard to topple.  The two arms each ended in large guns, and Lord Raerkex had no doubt that they guns were equipped with maximum firepower in hopes of taking her out.

She narrowed her eyes further as she turned back to Quinn.  She was Sith; her crimson-hued skin a testament to her status as a Sith Pureblood.  She was attuned to the dark side of Force in ways other races could only wish.  She was the Wrath of the Emperor.  He would not destroy her with mere machines.

“You are a fool, Quinn,” she stated clearly.

“I’m sorry, My Lord,” he repeated.  Then he lifted her hand and pointed at her.  “Kill her,” he commanded and his words seemed to falter just a little, but Lord Raerkex stopped paying attention.

She leapt at the nearest droid, her lightsabers drawn and poised for attack.  She slashed down at its metal body, the purple hue of her blade scarring through its surface, damaging but not breaking.  The second droid raised its gun at her, but Lord Raerkex shoved her hand at it and directed the Force to fire.  The blast hit the droid and sent it flying back toward the hanger wall where it smashed and fell.  She knew she only stunned it, but it would buy her enough time to finish off the first droid.  She slashed at the first droid again with her lightsabers, tearing off chunks of metal as she did.  It swung its guns toward her, firing, but she leapt to the side, blocking with her off hand as she did and the bolt flew back at the machine, damaging it further.  The droid stumbled over one of its legs, and the opening was just what the sessioned Sith warrior was waiting for.  She jumped at it, slashing her lightsabers over her head and into the droids mainframe, smashing it with the powerful stroke.

A blaster bolt blackened the case of the now dead droid.  Lord Raerkex looked up to see Quinn, his face set in a frown, his blaster pistol pointed at her.  She swept her arm him, releasing a jolt of the Force as she did.  It knocked the pistol from his grip and sent him tumbling the ground.

“I’ll deal with you in a moment,” she growled before leaping to the second droid.  It went down just as quickly as the first.  When she turned to back to Quinn, she found him on his knees just staring at her.

“My…My Lord,” he stammered.  “I…I…”

“You made a grave mistake, Quinn,” Lord Raerkex finished for him as she stalked to his position.  “One you shall not make again.”

“Yes, My Lord.  I see now the erro-” She didn’t let him finish.  Instead, she flicked her wrist, using the Force to slam his against the wall.

“I don’t take kindly to being betrayed, Quinn,” she said, her hand stretched out to him, her grip tightening into a choke hold.  He started to gasp even though she was not touching him.  Lord Raerkex allowed herself the tiniest of smirks to grace her purple lips.  She did enjoy using the Force to choke people, especially people who had betrayed her.  He clawed at his throat, trying to remove the pressure, but he would not succeed.  She’d killed much stronger foes with this technique.  He would succumb just as the others had.

For a moment, when he collapsed to the floor his breath barely escaping, she considered letting up.  Maybe she could let him live and he would be loyal to her.  Maybe she could use this as an example of how benevolent she could be in the face of errors.  The thought slipped away.  She could not show mercy, else her crew might think they could betray her and get away with it.  That was unacceptable.  She put more power into her grip, cutting off his air supply completely.

Captain Quinn went limp.  She could feel his life energies fade to nothing.  A pity, really.  He was a brilliant tactician and had assisted her in dozens of missions for both her former master and her new master.  And he wasn’t a bad lover either, if only a little by the books.  Lord Raerkex kicked at his corpse, rolling it over.  Dead blue eyes stared back her as she reached down and tore the captain’s bars from his uniform.

“Quinn,” she murmured.  “You should have never betrayed me.”  She signed, straightened, and returned to her ship.  Lieutenant Pierce met her at the airlock.

“Quinn?” he asked.

“An agent of Darth Baras,” Lord Raerkex replied coldly.  She turned to glare at Pierce, but he wisely did not say anything against the former captain other than a brief, “Yes, My Lord.”

She tossed him the bars before she turned from him, her cloak billowing behind her.  “Captain Pierce,” she called over her shoulder.  “Join me in my quarters.  We have plans to make for Corellia.”

“Yes, My Lord.”  His voice was like gravel.  Lord Raerkex smiled.  She was sure Pierce would be a far more adventurous companion.  And hopefully far more loyal.


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